The Book

The Grass is Always Browner

ISBN: 978-1-921731-69-3

RRP: $38.95

Speculative Australian Political Fiction

The author stretches forward the raw elements of Australian civilisation: territory, climate and resources, to 250 years in the future, relating them to its populous neighbour Bhakaria. The political situation is tense as the Messianic Aboriginal Prime Minister strives to renew a moribund political party from within. His ban on immigration is opposed by his lover in a tempestuous romance. His ban is also opposed by his political adversary, who gains government, outlaws his party and plans for free immigration. He leads a growing rebel following in an epic struggle to achieve a new lifestyle, with a dramatic climax.

The scene is set in Meannjin, an almost deserted and flooded city. Most of the population has dispersed to self-sufficient rural communes after a century of wars over coal and famine. They are governed by a tiny national government, headed by an Aboriginal dynasty. Abajoe has a rare genetic mutation for sharing and his vision is to unite the devolved and diversified nation by usurping politics and religion by science. He predicts Australia’s relationship with Bhakaria by experimenting with a genetically modified animal, the rossit.

He becomes Prime Minister at age 30. In a referendum, he adds a fourth pillar to the Constitution: devolved planning tribunals. They require developers to compensate losers and favour living in religious or spiritual communes. But he is opposed by a leader in favour of immigration from Bhakaria, which has a state religion: Yamism. Ecumenical in outlook, Abajoe’s struggle avoids a religious civil war. His rebellion reuses strategies of Mandela, Mao, Ghandi and others. He overcomes obstacles that become increasingly daunting until the tragic climax, when he has to choose between erasure of his vision and freeing from prison the woman he loves.


The Grass is Always Browner

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One thought on “The Book

  1. My novel interweaves these elements:
    1. A cyber age political thriller;
    2. a futuristic setting with petroleum depletion and climate change restrictions;
    3. a main character of Aboriginal descent with a genetic mutation;
    4. his prophetic life journey borrowing strategies from Christ, Mohammed, Mao Tse Tung, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and William Parnell;
    5. a fiery female activist for immigration from neighbouring Bhakaria;
    6. their tempestuous romance;
    7. philosophical debates, mediation, reconciliation, employment and rewards.
    8. devolution of government;immigration
    9. scientific government;
    10. scientific exploration of ultimate Australian population, water resources allocation;
    11. a new concept for behaviour: selfaltruism.

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