Martin Knox

Martin Knox was born in England in 1946. He became a chemical engineer and later a management scientist researching alternative models of government planning. He worked in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australian nuclear, tar sands, petroleum, coal and coal-to-oil industries. He settled in Australia with his family, and at age 40 became a high school Science and English teacher.

He wrote full-time for several years publishing a course in Senior Multi-strand Science and went on to teach it on-line to distance education students.

Outside writing, he is active in public decision-making on development, population, growth, water and resources issues.

Author of The Grass is Always Browner, Martin Knox


4 thoughts on “Martin Knox

  1. Great book judging from what I read of the start of it. You are 10 years younger than me , started off as a chemical engineer, became a science teacher, dabbled in science curriculum development and then became a writer. I started off as a farmer in Scotland, became a science teacher, went on to curriculum development in science and agriculture in several countries and then became a writer. Many parallels!
    A very intriguing start to the book. When you are ready to put in on Amazon I will buy it for my kindle!
    Similar political outlook in many respects too I guess from what I have read here.

    • Dear Brian,
      With apologies for delay due to an e-publishing change, thank you for your kind comments. The Grass Is Always Browner is now available from Amazon as a paper book or as a Kindle download.
      Happy reading,

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. Your background is similar. I apologise for delay in responding, I only saw it today. You can buy an e-copy for Kindle in Mobi format from It is on Amazon as a paper book at present and we plan to have the e-copy available from Amazon from October 4th. Would you let me know of any publications you have or any other writing you have available.?

  3. Hi Martin
    I will buy a kindle copy, most certainly. I am still flat out writing and working to get my books out. I have a friend in Ipswich who is publishing my latest book Riotous Retirement. I could not persuade my agent or my last publisher to take it on. So I have not wasted any time looking for another publisher. I just thought bugger it, I’ll do it myself with help! Since I have just sent my latest to the editor I have been reading and learning. Two contrasting books, both on the subject of increasing ebook sales, both terrific reads—Make a Killing on Kindle and How I sold 1 million ebooks.
    All the best with the next book!

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